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Mission Statement

Oceanic Food is committed to sourcing and supplying reliable delicious
quality seafood that is properly:

identified in relation to their species;
weighed in accordance with recognised standards; and
graded to ensure the size is correct.

Click here to view Seafood Australia’s article on the launch of the fish
names handbook (462Kb).


Oceanic identifies its products in accordance with standards published
by CSIRO and the Fishing Research and Development Corporation and
guarantees the species of seafood that it sells is correct.


Oceanic Food deals with product that is properly weighed in accordance
with internationally recognised methods such as CODEX, as published by
the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.


Oceanic Food supplies product that is properly graded in relation to size.
Sizing is also uniform for consistent presentation.

Company Profile

Oceanic Food was established by Mr Cyril Lee in 1978 to service
the emerging Asian restaurant trade in Melbourne by sourcing groceries
and seafood from both local and overseas producers.

From these beginnings, Oceanic Food expanded its operations to include
volume distribution of quality seafoods to supply the broader wholesale
markets in Melbourne.

As the wholesale demand for seafood in Australia has grown,
Oceanic Food expanded its operations interstate to include New South Wales,
Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.

Today, Oceanic has become one of the largest Australian dedicated seafood
importers from the Asia region. Not forgetting its roots however, Oceanic Food
continues to supply groceries to the Asian restaurant trade in Melbourne.

Our facilities

Oceanic Food’s distribution centre is located in the demographic centre of Melbourne.
The centre has been fitted with its own purpose built cold storage facility with a storage
capacity of 1000 metric tones which can be maintained at a constant -25 degrees Celsius.

Oceanic also has its own dedicated fleet of temperature controlled transport
vehicles which keep our seafood in top condition up to the point of delivery.
Each vehicle is fitted with Infrared thermometers to instantly confirm the
surface temperature of the seafood products prior to delivery.

In addition to complying with all mandatory food safety laws at the time,
Oceanic Food obtained HACCP certification in August 2003 to provide
our customers with the upmost confidence in our operation and products.

Our people

Oceanic Food, like many other food businesses is a family operated
and owned business.

Managing Director, Cyril Lee, has many years experience in the seafood
industry, and has been recognised with an Australian Export Award for his
seafood exports before establishing Oceanic Food. As a Foundation member
of the Australian Seafood Academy based in Adelaide, South Australia,
Mr Lee still continues to contribute to the Australian Seafood industry.
Click here to view Cyril’s recent comments in Seafood Australia about the
proposed trade name of new prawn species being sold in Australia (154Kb).

General Manager, Victor Lee, joined the company in 1989 after completing
an Economics degree and working in public accounting. He administers the
day-to-day operations of the company.

General Counsel, Vincent Lee, joined Oceanic Food in 2002. Vincent
is a qualified lawyer having practiced in law firms after being admitted
as a barrister and solicitor of the Victorian Supreme Court in 1998 and
the Australian High Court in 2001. Vincent manages the legal concerns
of Oceanic including all contractual arrangements and auditing of food safety
and quality standards. Click here to view Vincent’s interview with Seafood
Australia magazine (187Kb).

Wholesale Sales Manager – Victoria, Neville Austen, joined the company
in 1999 and has specialized experience in the seafood industry after coming
most recently from a surimi manufacturing operation (Japanese processed
seafood) and has a Bachelor of Business Marketing. Neville now manages
the company’s wholesale customers in Victoria.

Wholesale Sales Manager – New South Wales, Richard Allen, has brought
valuable experience from the local prawn aquaculture industry to Oceanic.
Richard’s responsible and professional manner has earned him a trustworthy
reputation in NSW from customers who demand quality seafood.

Food Service Coordinator, Mr Chris Loh has had extensive management
experince in Singapore's Westin Hotel group in the food acquisitions. It is a
natural progression now to be involved in food sales! Chris also manages the
Food Service team in Victoria.

Oceanic’s distribution network in Queensland is managed independently
by Doug Johnston.