Quality Assurance

All Oceanic Food drivers carry handheld infra-red thermometers to instantly
measure the temperature of our products prior to delivery ensuring that
the quality of our products are maintained right up to the point they are delivered.

Infrared thermometers allow instant spots checks to comfirm
Oceanic products are kept at proper temperature.

Use of infrared themometers is only one step that Oceanic Food takes
to enforce high quality standards that ensure all products are in top condtion.
These standards apply from the time that seafood is caught, processed,
packaged, transported and stored. Record documenting the conditions
at our distribution facility are automatically stored using continuous temperture
recording equipment.

In conjunction with Australian Food Quality Associates, Oceanic Food has been
developing and adopting high standard food safety protocols as part of our
commitment to offer only delicious quality seafood. In July 2003 these standards
were assessed by SAI Global Assurance Services for HACCP compliance
and in August 2003, Oceanic Food’s food safety management system was
registered as having complied with CODEX HACCP and GMP standards.