Trade Opportunities

Good, solid contacts are the key to any business and Oceanic Food always seeks these types of relationships and know they
do not come along often. Oceanic has been fortunate to foster good relationships in the past and strives to achieve these in the future.
Oceanic Food is currently the exclusive Australia agent of one of the largest integrated prawn aquaculture and processing facilities
in the world. Based in Indonesia, the facility covers an area of over 70,000 hectares and can process up to 100 metric tonnes of raw material daily.

Oceanic was appointed exclusive agent for the Philippine’s San Miguel
Corporation (SMC). Although SMC is more well known for its beer, it also
had a very advanced aquaculture program and the Black Tiger prawns that
Oceanic Food imported into Australian was at a standard that hasn’t been
seen before.

If you would like to discuss trade opportunities, please contact us
to discuss further.